Free resources

When your well worn explanations have lost their sparkle, try a different angle with these free posters.

Apostrophe for possession
The apostrophe has nasty habit of turning teachers grey and causing all manner of confusion. Use this simple poster as a visual trigger of where to place this pesky punctuation mark.
Why so complex?
Complex or compound? What is the difference and why do we even need to know? Use the decision tree to identify a simple, compound or complex sentence. The important idea of the subordinate clause is introduced and can be built on.
Direct speech punctuation
Four simple visual steps for punctuating direct speech – less than the fingers on one hand!
Click here to S.E.E.
Lengthen written answers with prompts to S.E.E. – make a statement; explain your statement; give an example.
Spelling demons
Have some fun with a spelling quiz when you have a lull. When you can spell these commonly used words correctly, you are dominating!
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