Free resources

Our free language posters provide visual triggers to reinforce language concepts and punctuation.

Verb tenses

Simple, continuous, perfect and perfect contiuous. Everything is in one place with examples to help reinforce and remember. Use as a quick reference when learning about tense.

Plural nouns spelling guide

Things can get tricky in primary school when one word ends in x and another in ch. There seem to be so many rules! Stick this simple, coloured guide in front of you and everything will be crystal clear.

Expressions of time and place in indirect speech

Rather dreary and technical but useful nonetheless – this is a complete list of the change in expressions of time and place when moving from direct to indirect speech.

Apostrophe for possession

Use this simple poster as a visual trigger of where to place this pesky punctuation mark. It is easy when you can see the pattern.

Simple, compound or complex sentence?

Compound or complex? What is the difference? Use this decision tree to identify whether a sentence is simple, compound or complex. The important idea of the subordinate clause is introduced and can be built on.

Direct speech punctuation

Four simple visual steps for punctuating direct speech – less than the fingers on one hand!

Click here to S.E.E.

Lengthen written answers with prompts to S.E.E. – make a statement; explain your statement; give an example.

Spelling demons

Have some fun with a spelling quiz when you have a lull. When you can spell these commonly used words correctly, you are dominating!
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